This template includes sections for:

  • Scheduling and backlog templates for every channel
  • Complete calendar of hashtag holidays
  • Social auditing template to track your followers, engagement rates, and more.
  • A social media content calendar to organize campaigns across every channel.
  • Track your monthly success with the social reporting template
  • Manage and optimize your paid budget with our paid social template


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It’s time to optimize your social media marketing efforts


If you’ve ever managed social media before, you know that just keeping track of all of the social media content, metrics, accounts, and posts is a huge feat in itself. Plus, as a social media manager, your job isn’t just to keep track of everything: you also have to post, engage with followers, and analyze your successes.

You'll find templates to manage your posts and inspiration for every social channel. We’ve also provided reporting and analysis templates for both organic and paid. Plus, we’ve included additional templates such as our yearly hashtag calendar, request for proposal template, and social media client proposal template.