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Our Proven Process: Four Steps to Success


STEP ONE: Kick-Off Call

During this call, the AdNIKA team and your team will get ready to start working. We will establish timelines and procedures, set expectations, schedule meetings, and interviews. This step of the process is vital as it sets the stage and sets us up to best help your business succeed.


STEP TWO: Diagnostic Analysis

AdNIKA will conduct an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of both digital sales and marketing efforts across the company. We’ll also look at the current and historical industry data will be investigated. Then, after looking at the data, we’ll conduct a content audit, competitor analysis, and user experience review.


STEP THREE: Build The Foundation

After the AdNIKA team analyzed all of the current and historical data, we will begin to build the foundation that will set your growth strategy up for success. Now its time to create essential assets such as buyer personas, ideal customer profiles, messaging development, and establish the factors that differentiate you from your competitors. After which we can develop realistic, measurable goals and KPIs.


STEP FOUR: Strategy Creation

By now, AdNIKA has all of the essential and necessary assets needed to build a strong growth strategy. The first step is to identify areas of opportunity for your business. Then, develop a step-by-step plan that will allow your business to reach its growth target. Growth plan and strategy will be based on a true ROI of your marketing campaigns which tie in your sales data so you can more accurately report on the ROI of your ad spend.


Rest Assured, You’ve Come To The Right Place

Once your personalized and detailed growth strategy gets ready, it’s time to execute. AdNIKA does not force you into a contract for receiving your growth strategy. After building your growth strategy, you will have three options: - implement your growth plan through your internal team - partner with us and let us support your internal team during the implementation process - let us carry out the implementation process for you and save your team's time and energy The choice is yours.