This guide includes sections for:

  • A 5-step guide detailing how to set up your marketing automation.

  • A template to assist you in planning, designing, and implementing workflows throughout the buyer's journey.

  • A simple significance calculator to lead scoring.

  • A simple template for A/B testing.

  • A model for creating buyer personas.

  • Workflow and trigger examples that are easy to understand.

  • How to automate lead generation, lead nurturing through personalized workflows.


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It does not have to be difficult to implement a marketing automation strategy!


Are you tired of constantly working manually with repetitive tasks? Do you need to reduce the gap between market and sale? Do not your leads convert? Or is it recurring that the sales team spends time on cold leads?

Our guide answers everything from how to work with the customer journey, automate processes, personalize content, create lead nurturing to how to publish the right content, to the right persona at the right time. Go from amateur to professional, now let's do it!