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AdNIKA provided us with their Inbound Sales and Marketing solutions through Hubspot. They helped us generate more qualified leads for our sales team, drive website traffic, increase customer engagement, and grow our customer base. AdNIKA is a reliable partner that has always taken our specific goals and needs seriously.


Ómar Thor Ómarsson
Marketing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure we answer all of your questions.

Why do I need Marketing Automation?
  • Long sales cycle: Sales are hindered due to difficulty in collaborating amongst staff on deals.
  • Productivity: Sales reps are unproductive because they are spending too much time calling unqualified leads.
  • Communication: Lack of communication between sales and marketing is delaying the sales process and sharing of lead generation data (process improvement).
  • Database Integrity: Data quality issues must be resolved (data collection and cleansing).
  • Performance Measurement: Inability to analyze marketing data, metrics and generate reports to make budget allocation decisions.
  • Cost-effective marketing: Inability to conduct email marketing to targeted customers and prospects hindering opportunity for revenue.
  • Customer satisfaction: De-centralized customer information is causing frustration for sales staff who do not have visibility into customer service communications upon renewal.
  • Time-saving: Staff is spending time on repetitive, manual tasks that can be automated such as email.
Why choose AdNIKA for Marketing Automation?

AdNIKA is a Certified HubSpot Partner.

Besides offering the best and most transparent pricing in the industry, our specialists have years of experience managing inbound marketing, sales, and customer service solutions for Retail, FMCG, Fintech, Edtech, and start-ups. They have completed rigorous training, and have earned HubSpot’s certifications. They know what it takes to get real results for our small business partners while finding ways to save them money.

How does Marketing Automation help to increase Win Rates?
Leads that are scored and nurtured before being handed off to sales close at higher win rates because purchasing and sales cycles are more aligned.
How does Marketing Automation help the alignment of sales and marketing?
Alignment occurs when sales and marketing can agree on the definition of a qualified lead; systems are integrated to provide visibility into activities and results, and the loop is closed between lead source and revenue generated.
How does Marketing Automation help to reduce Cost Per Lead?
When key marketing processes such as Lead Scoring, Lead Nurturing, and Lead Assignment are automated, fewer resources are required to manage new opportunities. Additionally, the use of a web/email-based approach can drastically reduce acquisition costs for new prospects and opportunities.
How does Marketing Automation improve accountability and credibility?
Marketing leaders can provide accountability for their spending once they are able to quantify the impact of their investments. When deployed properly, Marketing Automation solutions increase credibility by providing a system of record that tracks and measures marketing activities and associated business results.
How does Marketing Automation help improve the allocation of resources?
Having detailed analytics on prospect behaviors and campaign ROI provides marketers with the insight needed to optimize spending on the most profitable marketing programs.